Trying to find a good gift for Father’s Day is a difficult enough task as it is, but what about dads who golf?  There are numerous different options to consider, from cheap gag gifts to expensive golf club sets.  See just a few of the Best Fathers Day Gifts in 2023!

FootJoy HydroLite Golf jacket

Even though FootJoy is known for having excellent golf shoes, do not forget about their underrated apparel as well, with the HydroLite golf jacket being a fantastic option for a Father’s Day gift in 2023.  It is one thing to have a jacket that keeps water away during a rainy day, and another to have one that allows a golfer the ability to swing freely.  The FootJoy HydroLite golf jacket does both extremely well, allowing golfers free range of motion while being waterproof. As a lightweight jacket it can fit into practically any golf bag as well, making it both a convenient and useful golf gift for Father’s Day. 

Bushnell Tour V5 Range Finder

If there is one thing that can frustrate any golfer out on the course, it is not knowing the yardages into greens and hazards.  Having to guess the yardage or drive around in the golf cart trying to find a marker on the course can take up valuable time that could be spent actually playing golf.  Why not consider giving your father a range finder this Father’s Day?  Bushnell is known for having some of the best range finders one can get on the market today, and the Tour V5 in particular is both easy to use and extremely accurate.  Even if your father is not very technologically savvy, the Bushnell Tour V5 can be learned in a matter of minutes, making it a great gift for practically any father who does not already have a range finder at their disposal in 2023.

Ultimate XL Golf Ball Retriever

Let’s face it, as much as we all hate to admit it there are times when we would have liked to have had a golf ball retriever during the course of a round, especially when playing with expensive golf balls.  The Ultimate XL golf ball retriever is lightweight with a reach of nearly 15 feet, making it a great budget gift for Father’s Day that any father could find use for.  It collapses to only 17 inches in length as well, making it very compact and easy to fit in any golf bag.  Every golfer should have a golf ball retriever at their disposal, and the Ultimate XL golf ball retriever is one of the best and most budget-friendly ones on the market today. 

Personalized Golf Balls

Last but certainly not least, consider getting personalized golf balls as one of the Best Fathers Day gifts in 2023.  With today’s technology one has numerous options at their disposal when it comes to personalizing golf balls, whether it is the number, adding a message or logo, and so forth.  They are not very expensive either, making them another great budget-friendly option to consider in 2023. 

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