What do Golf Professionals do in the Offseason?

With the end of the season of both LIV Golf and the PGA Tour upon us, one question that gets asked by many fans is what golf professionals do in the offseason.  Obviously, they desire to enjoy life and spend time with their families in the offseason, but what are some other things they tend to prioritize before the next golfing season starts?  What follows are four particular areas of focus for golf professionals. 

Sponsorships and Endorsements

While professional golfers get paid for how they perform in tournaments, most of the money they make comes from off the golf course in the form of sponsorships and endorsements.  The offseason presents an ideal time for professional golfers to reevaluate their standing with their sponsors, choose new ones, and fulfill their obligations as well when it comes to photo shoots, commercials and so forth.  Sponsorships can come in many different forms, not just golf related.  For instance, Jordan Spieth has current endorsements with AT&T, Rolex, NetJets, Wheaties, and Coca-Cola to name a few.  These sponsorships can generate tens of millions of dollars for golf professionals, and as such it is a top priority to stay on top of them in the offseason. 

Physical Exercise

It can be difficult for golf professionals to make any major changes to their bodies during the season, and the offseason presents a good time for them to make those necessary changes, whether it is gaining 40 pounds of muscle like Bryson DeChambeau or simply losing a few pounds off the stomach.  Not having to deal with the stresses that come with performing well in golf tournaments week after week can certainly be liberating, and one should not discount the mental aspect of the game as well.  Some golf professionals like to meditate, while others hire psychological coaches that help them get over mental hurdles and gain more confidence out on the course. 

Tweaking Golf Swing

The offseason for golf professionals provides them with enough time to make major changes to their golf swings as well and work on any areas that need to be improved.  If a golf professional needs to develop a more repeatable swing when it comes to fades or draws, they can’t necessarily do that during the season as it could potentially lead to problems during events.  The best time to make major changes is during a block of time where the results do not matter, and for most golf professionals this is the offseason. 

Trying New Golf Clubs

At the end of the day, all golf professionals are looking to gain an additional edge that will help them out on the golf course, whether it is gaining more distance from their drives or better stopping power on the greens with their irons.  The offseason presents golf professionals with the time to try out any new clubs they may have been considering during the season.  This is also a time when golf professionals will change their sets altogether and go with a different brand based on a sponsorship deal for example.  The offseason allows them to get acclimated to their new clubs and find the ideal combinations that will help them to perform at their best during upcoming events. 

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