Golf Pros, Operators and Managers alike are creatures of habit. When they find something helpful, they stick to it. But with the diverse and ever-changing landscape of technology in today’s world, golf software can’t be ignored if you want to stay competitive. Eagle Club Systems is a tool that provides essential management features for golf businesses. Operators can use it to run their facility, course, or simulator and do day-to-day functions like tee sheet management, scheduling tournaments and events and take payments for rounds via credit card processing. Golf businesses also suffer from a lot of problems with inferior software. The “perfect” software is needed to solve all of these problems. 

Need Of Ideal Software for Your Golf Course or Simulator

·       Golf software with credit card processing is essential for any golf course owner looking to simplify and automate their back-end operations. With a golf management system in place, your staff will be able to track tee time reservations, payments in real-time, and provide better customer service with less overhead, and generate more revenue from the clubhouse by speeding up the food ordering process as well.

 Why Integrated Golf Software Is a Better Option:

Your decision to go with one integrated system is the smartest thing you can do for your golf course. Why use one company for a tee sheet and one company for a point of sale? Eagle Club Systems offers a comprehensive package that covers everything from tee sheet, point of sale, online booking, customized reports, and food and beverage. Use our simple point of sale to automatically manage inventory tracking and effortlessly check in golfers, members or guests. 

Think of Eagle Club Systems like a home for your management needs. Streamline the process by managing all of your course’s features in one place. Tee sheet management, point-of-sale, and more! Plus, with their easy to use reservation system and optional pre-paid reservations, your simulator booking is a piece of cake! Increase revenue and decrease time spent in your software. Get in, get out!  No matter how big or small your course is, we’re ready to meet and exceed our customer goals together.

One-Stop-Shop For All Management Needs: 

The golf course is a complex operation with many departments that have unique needs. To accommodate these needs and ensure maximum productivity, you might consider integrating better technology into your operation today. While there are hundreds of solutions in the market, it is confusing when choosing which one to choose for yourself. We recommend you always choose golf software that has all the integrated features to perform the complex operations related to golf. An integrated solution has features like tee sheet management, point of sale, inventory, email marketing, text messaging, and more. 

Eagle Club Systems provides a lot of features in one place. It can be used on any computer with its cloud based technology and is incredibly easy to use with user-friendly interfaces. It has an affordable price which makes it even more ideal! The customer service team of Eagle Club Systems will always be there when you need them to answer questions or troubleshoot issues that arise with their 24/7 customer support!


Accounting is the most boring part of the job for many golf managers (unless you love numbers!), but arguably there’s nothing more important. It can help a golf company with its complex nature and raw manipulation of numbers that leave some going home in pain with headaches! To make things easier, Eagle Club Systems integrates with Quickbooks, Peachtree, Sage and others. Stop wasting time manually entering numbers everyday. Make life easy and switch today. 

Eagle Club Systems is the ultimate back-office tool for managing everything from revenue streams to simple reports and inventory tracking. With this powerful platform, you’ll save time and stay aware of your club’s financial well-being. Your golf course’s accounting software will eventually save you hours every week which can be utilized to better serve your customers.


Email marketing is a powerful tool for golf courses to keep in touch with their customers. You can monitor and automate your campaigns with the right software, so they’re always on track. Eagle Club Systems offers free templates that let users craft perfect emails without any coding knowledge or design skills required-perfect if precision counts (and we think it does).

Eagle Club Systems has a powerful email marketing tool for golf courses. Offering the tools and resources, you need to execute your email marketing strategy, Eagle Club Systems can help your message reach more golfers and keep them coming back. Plus: with rich data like birthdays, anniversary dates, rounds played and dollars spent it’s easy to find new ways to engage golfers, so they’ll keep coming back for more rounds so you make more money. 

Pro Shop Point Of Sale:     

To increase your revenue streams, it’s important that you keep track of all the ways in which people contact and purchase from your business. A powerful POS system can help manage this process for a restaurant or front desk manager, so they know what has been going on at any given time. Leading providers such as Eagle Club Systems offer features that were once inaccessible to smaller organizations like inventory management, employee and house account management. These advanced integrations allow operators this kind of access to eCommerce capabilities which means they can use their website for an online store where customers are able to pick up products without even having to go to the pro shop. Want to sell gift cards or membership packages in the winter to drive revenue in the offseason? Look no further! 

Eagle Club Systems is the smartest way to manage your course or simulator. Eagle Club Systems will save you both time and money. With our fully integrated and all in one solution, you will be spending less time on the computer and more time with your customers! I mean we are in the people business here right!?

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